27 May 2015

Soundcheck received a welcome boost to its stage kit after Celton Manx funded new equipment for the youth music project as part of the company’s Recognition sponsorship programme.

The Manx charity, which supports young local musicians, has been presented with a new bass amp and flight case, along with lights, cabling, drum microphones and a smoke machine.

Youth officer Dave Hattersley said: ‘This award from Celton Manx means so much to us. As a charity we simply wouldn’t have been able to afford this equipment which will make the whole experience of learning, making and performing music all the more “real” and professional.’

Soundcheck staff member Jenni Smith said: ‘With this standard of equipment the kids take more ownership when they’ve set up the stage kit themselves.

‘Soundcheck’s so much more than just performing gigs, though. We use music as a learning tool, because not every member of Soundcheck is going to become a rock star.’

Celton Manx executive director Bill Mummery said: ‘Central to our Recognition programme is to offer support to organisations that are reaching out to the wider community in ways that encourage personal achievement. Soundcheck is clearly succeeding in this by providing a space where young people can not only practice, create and perform music but also learn valuable technical skills that can open up a wider range of career opportunities.

‘There’s a real sense of energy about the Soundcheck sessions, which is down to the enthusiasm of Dave Hattersley and his team who are to be applauded for inspiring and encouraging young musical talent in the Isle of Man.’

Celton Manx executive director Bill Mummery is pictured with Soundcheck members Kizzie Puzzar from the band ‘The Game is On’, Richard Kinrade, Jenni Smith and Callum Quaggan, from the Band ‘Something for Nothing’. Picture Matt Mosur


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