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4 December 2017

Celton Manx invites applications for Recognition 2018

Celton Manx is inviting applications for Recognition 2018, its sponsorship programme that aims to provide support to local charities and not-for-profit organisations, particularly those with limited resources for promoting and developing their services. Celton Manx executive director Bill Mummery said: ‘2018 will mark the fourth… read more »

22 November 2017

Wising up on owls…thanks to Celton Manx

Manx Wildlife Trust’s What a Hoot! workshop with Martin Newman at Braddan Church provided an opportunity for people to ‘wise up’ on owls. The presentation formed part of the charity’s outreach programme, strengthened after it received a Celton Manx Recognition award. Manx Wildlife Trust’s chief… read more »

20 November 2017

Celton Manx Recognition award strengthens Fishermen’s Mission’s promotional work

Promoting the work of the Fishermen’s Mission Isle of Man to a wider audience has acquired a heightened focus after the charity received a Celton Manx Recognition award to purchase a new projector, screen and display boards for use in its presentations. The Mission provides… read more »

14 November 2017

DreamCatcher gains another ‘Hero in the Community’ thanks to Crossroads Care

Manx Radio’s DreamCatcher appeal added another ‘hero’ to its Heroes in the Community programme thanks to Crossroads Care’s new award, Dedication to Equality and Diversity, sponsored by Celton Manx. The award, which aims to recognise an organisation dedicated to employing, nurturing and empowering those with… read more »

13 November 2017

SARDA IoM on right wavelength thanks to Celton Manx

Communications between dog handlers and navigators serving the Search and Rescue Dog Association Isle of Man (SARDA IoM) have been given a welcome boost after the charity received a Celton Manx Recognition award to fund the purchase of new VHF radios. SARDA IoM’s Jim Macgregor… read more »

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