28 July 2015

A new dimension has been added to the Isle of Man Code Club after it received a Celton Manx Recognition award.

The award has provided the funds for the club to buy a 3D printer which will be used as part of its coding tutorials.

Code Club’s founder Owen Cutajar said: ‘The club’s volunteers are all on a mission to get more people – especially young people – to learn how to code. Thanks to Celton Manx and its Recognition programme this 3D printer this really does add a new dimension to our work.

‘As far as we’re aware the XYZ Nobel 3D printer we’ve been able to buy is the first of its type in the Isle of Man. This really is the future. Much of our work is with young people – in all around 240 are on the club’s books at present – and the 3D printer is a valuable educational tool that provides them with an opportunity to harness the very latest technology to create something tangible, rather than merely learn the process. Children are more often exposed to model making in arts and crafts sessions. At the Code Club our projects show that technology isn’t just about consuming things, it’s about being able to make things – your own customised products. With this new 3D printer Celton Manx has generously provided young people are able to discover not only how technology works but also be involved in  the complete manufacturing process.’

Celton Manx executive director Bill Mummery said: ‘We live in a digital age and with more jobs now relying on computing it’s important young people learn how to code. Owen and his team of volunteers at the Code Club are making great strides in inspiring and educating the next generation of coders, so we are pleased to support the club’s work by making this award.

‘Teaching children coding brings benefits beyond knowing how to give sequences of instructions to a computer; coding not only encourages creativity, but can also help develop young people’s problem-solving and logical thinking skills, which will serve them well when they enter the world of work.’

Pictured with the new 3D printer are Celton Manx executive director Bill Mummery, centre, with the Code Club’s Owen Cutajar, left, and Gary Myers. Photo Bill Dale


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