4 December 2017

Celton Manx is inviting applications for Recognition 2018, its sponsorship programme that aims to provide support to local charities and not-for-profit organisations, particularly those with limited resources for promoting and developing their services.

Celton Manx executive director Bill Mummery said: ‘2018 will mark the fourth year of our Recognition scheme, during which time we have been honoured to learn more about and support some truly remarkable individuals and organisations all with a common purpose: to make a very real difference to people’s lives.

‘Celton Manx has long recognised the third sector’s valuable body of knowledge, expertise and assets. Volunteer agencies will always be the closest to their clients, which means they can deliver targeted interventions swiftly where there is most need. Government has also come to acknowledge their contribution and, increasingly, is looking to work with them to provide community care and support services.

‘Recognition awards – be they monetary or practical support –  aim to bring added strength and resilience to third sector agencies finding it difficult to operate in a challenging funding environment. The scheme also serves as a means to celebrate the work of these organisations and realise their full potential in ways that will benefit the broadest cross section of the community.’

To apply for Recognition 2018 visit celtonmanx.com/recognition.

Closing date for applications December 22, 2017.

You can also find out more by following Recognition on Facebook.

What people are saying about Recognition:

‘The funding helped the MS Society to continue essential and valuable support services to members.  The timing of the radio advert was perfect as it was just before our Wheel and Walk fundraiser and it greatly helped to promote the event.’ Derek Patience MS Society Isle of Man

‘Your contribution has helped the Manx Wildlife Trust reach over 3600 people across more than 50 events for families and groups. This includes 27 local groups, nine dedicated summer family events, and 15 public events –  such as lizard safaris, rock pooling, pond dipping and bug hunting. It’s the support of organisations like Celton Manx that allows Manx Wildlife Trust’s work to reach such a large number of people. It really helps people to discover and understand our wildlife while getting active outdoors – and that’s how they value and protect it. This support makes it all possible.’ Tim Graham, CEO Manx Wildlife Trust

‘The award has been of tremendous value and helped our athletes bring home medals from around the world as well as “fly the flag” for the Isle of Man and earn the island international recognition. It’s support such as the Recognition award that gives less able athletes an opportunity to compete and travel, so we’re extremely grateful to Celton Manx.’ Beryl Wooldridge, Special Olympics Isle of Man

 ‘The award’s made a tremendous difference in setting up the unit and has been a real shot in the arm for the Jurby community. It’s done wonders for people in the area as this isn’t just about Girlguiding, it’s about the girls working with the local community and discovering there’s a whole different world out there.’ Louise Whitelegg, leader-in-charge, Jurby Girl Guides

 ‘We’re enormously grateful to Celton Manx. Fundraising is very difficult so to have this Recognition award has meant four more people living with cystic fibrosis are able to keep healthier and fitter. For one person we bought a year’s membership to a gym; for another, a fitbit to encourage their exercise regime; we paid for a year of keep-fit courses for a young adult and a rise and recline electrically operated chair for another.’ Tina Lowe, chairman, Cystic Fibrosis Trust IOM

 ‘The award’s amazing and has been a massive boost for us. We started our autoimmune arthritis charity only about 11 months ago and thanks to this funding we’ve been able to set up a counselling initiative and are also partnering with Manx Cancer Help to fill a gap in services by supporting people living with all kinds of chronic illness – not just arthritis and cancer – as well as their families and loved ones. We’ve had lots of positive feedback and to have received these funds means we’re able to put clients in contact with one another so they feel less isolated. It’s also given us status and visibility, so we’re able to plan future campaigns and say to government we’re a bona fide organisation with a business plan and a voice to be heard.’ Jacqueline Morrey-Grace, Without Wings – The Manx Autoimmune Arthritis Trust

 ‘The award has been really helpful. Thanks to the generosity of Celton Manx we’ve been able, for example, to assist two families financially with travel and accommodation costs so they can be with their children in hospital in the UK. We were also delighted with the radio advertisement and airtime donated by Celton Manx to promote our Easter event, which meant we attracted many more people and raised more funds than the previous year.’ Helen Sheppard, A Little Piece of Hope

‘The donation we received and radio coverage back in April this year significantly helped to establish community recognition of our charity. We have been able to use the story banners and teardrop sign with our logo on at most venues. These items along with the Mannin Sepsis headed paper reinforce our commitment to further our constitutional aims to raise awareness on the Isle of Man.’ Dee Struthers, Mannin Sepsis

 ‘The U3A has been very grateful to Celton Manx for the opportunity to develop a publicity strategy. The island has an ageing population and the U3A charity aims to help people maintain contacts, socialise and learn through its small groups and networks. The radio publicity is an avenue that we could never afford without support so it really makes a difference and enables us to meet our aims and objectives. If we gain new members as a result then it also makes a difference to individuals. The professional support in marketing was very much appreciated and enabled us to reach a wider audience.’ Ravina Talbot, vice-chairman U3A IOM

‘Celton Manx support has been brilliant. The funding came at just the right time as we needed to replace our radios for the dog handlers and navigators. The radios are such a vital piece of equipment on call outs, so the Recognition award was really welcome and a big help in what can be life-saving work.’ Jim McGregor, Search and Rescue Dog Association (Isle of Man)

 ‘It’s a big worry raising money for our charity, so the Recognition award was very welcome as it meant we’ve been to offer more people emergency financial help, mostly by providing electricity vouchers.’ Graham Shaw, Rushen Endowment Fund.

 ‘The three bikes donated to MOBEX by Celton Manx’s Recognition scheme have been an invaluable addition to our service. Mountain biking is one of the essential activities MOBEX uses to engage with young people. The link between putting the hard work in on a climb in order to have the fun of the descent is a life lesson in itself. Mountain biking also builds confidence and resilience, two vital skills which are essential building blocks for advancing personal development. The addition of these three new bikes allows our young people to push themselves further and for longer, and therefore has a direct, positive impact on the benefits that our service can offer. Kieran Stoutt , The Children’s Centre MOBEX manager










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