Recognition Scheme

Recognition is the Celton Manx sponsorship program that gives visibility to charities and not-for-profit organisations working hard to transform people's lives. 

Celton Manx understands the issues that matter to the people of the Isle of Man and the vital role local good causes - especially those which are more 'under-the-radar' - play in the community. 

Our sponsorship scheme recognises the valuable contributions these organisations are making, often with only limited resources and modest budgets to promote and develop their services. 

In 2019 we made 22 Recognition awards - some monetary, others in the form of practical support -  targeting need and benefiting a multi-generational cross section of the community. 

We are continuing to invest in the community in 2020 so that together we can make a lasting difference. 

You can also find out more by following Recognition on Facebook.